Gold's Gym 5-in-1 Door Gym Trainer


The Gold’s Gym 5-in-1 Door Gym Trainer offers five features for the ultimate in-home strength training: a solid steel door gym, a pull-up assist band, a workout DVD, a digital exercise chart, and a digital nutrition guide to help you make the most of your training.


Door Attachment

This door gym gives you durability and attaches to most standard doors without mounting brackets.

Pull-up Assist Band

Use this band to help with your toughest workouts or use it during your strength training for an extra level of resistance.

Workout DVD

Follow the instructions in the included DVD for proper form and workout ideas.

Exercise Chart

Check out the included digital exercise chart for a variety of workout moves.

Nutritional Guide

To maximize your exercise, use the digital nutritional guide that is included with your home gym.

Soft Grip Handles

Soft, foam grips provide padding for maximum comfort throughout your workout.