Gold's Gym Dual-Sided Exercise Mat


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The two sides of the new Gold's Gym® Dual-Sided Exercise Mat have different textures, allowing you to choose the ideal surface for your workout. The mat provides a secure, comfortable surface for yoga, stretching and toning.

The Gold's Gym® Dual-Sided Exercise Mat provides comfortable cushioning for your spine and neck during floor exercises. The mat may also prevent injuries when you work out on a slippery surface, such as a waxed gym floor. With textures on both sides, the mat stays in place while you lean, lunge, stretch and tone.

With its stylish design and bright colors, the Gold's Gym® Dual-Sided Exercise Mat is a great tool to help you get in shape.



Dual Texture

Use the side that matches your comfort needs. We combined two different textures to the same mat, so you can be comfortable on whatever surface you work out on.