Weider® Attack (Workout Equipment & DVD's)


ATTACK your fitness like a champion while learning real Mixed Martial Arts fighting skills. This intense workout program mixes cardio, strength, plyometrics, and MMA skills and drills. Master the Striking Number System with the 10-Day Jumpstart workouts as you sweat through Total Body Attack, Powerhouse Punches, Strike Circuit, and Killer 100s. World-class MMA trainer Scott McKendry coaches you through each workout. ATTACK these high intensity resistance workouts and train like a professional MMA fighter.


(2) Resistance Tubes with Clip

These two 39-inch resistance tubes are made with extra-thick 3-millimeter tubing for secure resistance support. Simply attach one end to the Trainer Door Gym Attachment via the included karabiner, while the other end attaches to a glove or ankle strap. These tubes allow you to work on your upper and lower body separately or to focus on your left side/right side for a more versatile workout.

(2) Leather Gloves & Ankle Straps

Two half-finger gloves with microfiber leather palms are included with the ATTACK system. A D-ring is incorporated into the design for easy resistance tube attachment. Two adjustable ankle straps are also included for lower-body training.

Total Body Attack Workout

Promising a total body sweat, this workout alternates through three-minute intervals of upper body, cardio, lower body, and core.

Trainer Door Gym Attachment

Quickly attaching to any standard doorframe, the Trainer Door Gym Attachment features a heavy-duty D-ring on one end and the unique door attachment on the other offering a no-slip fit. For best results, attach to the top or sides of your doorframe. Set-up instructions are included with the DVD workouts.

Strike Circuit Workout

Take your MMA training to cage level with real fight sequences like the "1, 2, Push Kick" and "Ground and Pound." These workouts teach you to think fast, move fast, and build a stronger, leaner body.

Killer 100s Workout

This workout is all about one essential MMA fighting skill: mental toughness! As you power through 100 reps of each exercise, you'll sweat, sculpt–and hate every minute of it.

Powerhouse Punches Workout

Master powerful punches at lightning-fast speeds with the Powerhouse Punches Workout. Learn authentic punching sequences and the Striking Number System.