ProForm Activator V7


The ProForm Activator V7 is designed to give you the ability to maximize your workout so you lose weight quicker than ever. Combining the support of a stabilizing handle with the convenience of selectable dumbbells, the V7 will help you achieve the most versatile workout possible. Order the V7 today and enjoy even faster results with dumbbell resistance training.


Digital Console with Second Timer

With the digital console you can choose a 30, 45 or 60 second timer for the ultimate, personalized workout.

25, 30, and 35 Hertz Vibration

Because there is an involuntary muscle response to vibration, the muscle contracts at the same frequency as the HZ of the platform. For example, at 30 HZ for 30 seconds, a muscle will contract 900 times. This means more muscle is being used in a small amount of time, allowing you to get great results faster.

iFit Card Slot

The ProForm Activator V7 also features the new iFit interactive workout system. The iFit interactive workout system is compatible with iFit cards containing workout programs designed to help you achieve specific fitness goals. To use an iFit program, insert an iFit card into the iFit slot. iFit cards are available for purchase separately.

Oversized, Non-Slip Workout Platform

The oversized platform allows for more movement and a more comfortable workout experience.

30 Lb. Adjustable Weight Dumbbell

Build muscle fast with this built-in weight set that gives you up to 30 lbs. of weight resistance.

Stabilizing Uni-Grip Handlebar

Easy-to-grip stabilizing uni-grip handlebar provides support and comfort to your workout.

Workout DVD

The ProForm Activator V7 includes a workout DVD to maximize your workout time so you can reach your goals fast.

300 Lb. User Weight Capacity

This product accommodates up to 300 pounds.


1 Year Parts and Labor


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