HealthRider SoftStrider Treadmill


Get fit with the HealthRider SoftStrider treadmill. OneTouch™ controls enable you to to change speed and incline settings without interrupting your workout and the SpaceSaver® design makes storage more convenient than ever. With 16 preprogrammed workouts designed by a certified personal trainer and an included meal plan, you'll be able to get the most out your exercise routine. Keep track of your heart rate with the EKG grip pulse and cool down with the CoolAire™ workout fan.


18" x 50" Tread Belt

Stretch out your stride on this 18" x 50" deck.

0-10 MPH QuickSpeed® Control

Accelerate your training with QuickSpeed™ controls. Boost your speed incrementally up to 10 mph and get the intensity you need for any performance workout.

300 Lb. User Weight Capacity

This treadmill accommodates up to 300 pounds.


5-Year Frame & Motor, 90-Day Parts & Labor

2.75 CHP* Mach™ Motor

Customize your training with a motor delivering smooth, consistent power to your full range of training—intervals, speed, and endurance.

*Continuous Horsepower (“CHP”) is a term used in the treadmill industry for consumer comparison purposes. The CHP rating is measured in laboratory testing using a dynamometer, which measures the mechanical power of the motor. The CHP rating does not denote the operational horsepower of the treadmill in ordinary household use. In ordinary household use, the motor does not operate at the horsepower shown.

SoftStrider™ Cushioning

Reduce impact on your joints for a more comfortable workout and faster recovery time between workouts.

0-10% Quick Incline™ Control

Boost your performance with Quick Incline™ controls. Walking at an incline reduces impact on your joints, adds variety, and helps you burn more calories faster. A favorite feature among professionals, Quick Incline™ controls adjust your incline with the touch of a button—without interrupting your stride.

SpaceSaver® Design

Fold it up and walk away—in one easy step. With our SpaceSaver® treadmill you free up precious floor space. Because when you're done, you're done.

Grip Pulse EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor

Stay in your target heart rate zone for maximum results. Built-in sensors help you monitor your heart rate throughout your cardio.

16 Workout Apps

Reach your fitness goals in record time with workouts designed by a certified personal trainer. Each workout will help you achieve maximum performance with preset speed, incline and time settings.

Multi-Window LED Display

This LED monitor tracks your speed, time, distance, and calories burned—making your training that much easier. Watch your progress happen today.

CoolAire™ Workout Fan

Keep cool with this built-in fan that features two speed settings. Quick console controls allow you to adjust the speed at any time.

Auxiliary Music Port

Plug your MP3 player into the Intermix Acoustics™ Sound System and stay inspired with your favorite power music.

Professionally-Crafted Meal Plan

Fitness is more than just exercise. Improve your results with a professionally-crafted meal plan that will ensure you get the most out of your exercise.