Gold's Gym Trainer 110 Exercise Bike


Get in shape fast with the Gold's Gym® Trainer 110 Exercise Bike. Featuring adjustable resistance, this bike allows you to quickly increase your workout intensity so you burn more calories faster! And, with 2 Personal Trainer Workouts and a Target Pacer, you can easily access built-in professional training for better results. Plus, stay in your target heart rate zone for faster weight loss with the PowerPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor. Get the body you want with the Trainer 110 Exercise Bike.


Oversized, Adjustable Seat

Designed for a higher level of comfort, this oversized seat adjusts vertically so you can find the perfect fit.


Jump start your calorie burn by simply adjusting your workout intensity. Customizing your training is easy and convenient with adjustable magnetic resistance.

PowerPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor

Burn more fat, build endurance and strengthen your heart–all from the comfort of your living room! Place your thumb on the heart rate sensor built right into the console to get intermittent readings throughout your workout. You'll stay in your target heart rate zone for maximum results!

2 Workout Apps

Bring the gym to your living room with workouts designed by a Certified Personal Trainer. Each workout automatically adjusts the resistance of the bike to maximize your fat and calorie burn! Plus, with the Target Pacer, an indicator light alerts you to speed up and work harder or slow down to reach your weight-loss goals!

Comfort Handlebars

Raise your comfort level with handlebars designed to prevent aching in your hands, wrists and arms. Now you can work out longer for better results!

LCD Window

The quickest way to monitor your progress, this easy-to-read display tracks your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned.

Upright Design

Enjoy the benefits of biking from the convenience of your living room. Built to imitate the traditional cycling experience, the upright bike delivers a more intense, cardio workout and offers various training techniques.

Transport Wheels

Built for home use, the Trainer 110 Exercise Bike features built-in transport wheels. Now you can move your bike from room to room with greater ease.

250 Lb. User Weight Capacity

This bike accommodates up to 250 pounds.


90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty.