Weider Power Tower


Give your upper body an excellent workout with the Weider® Power Tower. Featuring five workout stations, the Power Tower delivers a customized workout space. Target your biceps and forearms with the padded pull-up station. Build your triceps, chest, and shoulders with the dip station. Work your biceps, shoulders, and core with the push-up station. With the vertical knee-raise (VKR) station, you can isolate your core. And, with the calf raise station allows you to work your lower leg muscles. The Power Tower also features sewn vinyl cushions, built with comfortable padding and designed to last.


Multiple Stations

The Weider Power Tower includes upper body stations like pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. A vertical knee-raise core station, and calf raises from a lower body station.

Padded Hand Grips

Padded hand grips for a more comfortable workout.

Cushioned Arm Rests

With cushioned arm rests, you can workout with comfort.

Sewn Vinyl Cushions

Not only do they look nicer, but sewn cushions are more comfortable and will last longer than vinyl cushions that are just stapled onto the frame.

Solid Metal

With a solid metal construction you get a tougher product that lasts.


The Weider Power Tower comes with a 90-day parts and labor warranty.