Gold's Gym Pilates Fitness Kit


This 8-piece kit includes everything you need for the perfect Pilates workout. You'll find the balance between strength and flexibility with the light and medium resistance bands. And, by using the included exercise ball, you'll improve coordination and posture. The two soft weight balls are perfect for toning your abdominals, arms, back and shoulders so your powerhouse is strong and centered.


65 cm Exercise Ball

Improve your coordination and posture with this 65 cm exercise ball. Great for working your abdominals and back, you'll tone longer, leaner muscles with every exercise.

Hand Pump

Use the hand pump to maintain the exercise ball as you sculpt your new body with amazing toning exercises.

Light Resistance Band

The light resistance band will help strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. Use this band for beginner exercises.

Medium Resistance Band

The medium resistance band will also help to strengthen your entire body as you increase your flexibility. Use this band for more advanced exercises.

Two 2 lb. Soft Weight Balls

Sculpt strong, lean muscles with these handy soft weight balls. You'll tone your arms, back, abs and shoulders! Plus, the soft grip is comfortable and easy to hold.

Workout Guide and DVD

Follow this workout guide and DVD for step-by-step instructions on how to maximize your time and get the results you want.